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I’m alive world! After not blogging in almost 9 months (gasp!), I’m ready to come back. A lot has happened since June 2015: I escaped the oppressive rent, freelance design culture, stress and poor quality of life in NYC and headed south for greener pastures. By day I’m an Interactive Art Director based in Atlanta, GA. Outside of work, I’m still passionate about all things relating to fashion, advertising, patterns, and textiles. I have a few creative projects in works, so I’m excited to get those off the ground and share on here (and other places – stay tuned).

To get back in the swing of things, I’m going to devote this entire week to the charming and whimsical world of Fornasetti. I’m obsessed with their trademark plates (pictured above and below) but the world is Fornasetti is filled with many more curiosities I’m sharing this week. So get into it!




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New, from one of my favorite tumblrs, Modern Hepburn.

So it truly has been forever (over a month!) since my last post but I’ve experienced some big changes that have commanded my attention: Left one job, freelanced for two others, and started a new full-time permanent gig. Whew. The last six months in general have been a big period of transition, but I can finally say I found somewhere I’m excited to stay and grow some roots. Two weeks ago, I joined Gap Inc. on their global creative team that oversees windows and in-store experience. Gap is a brand that I was obsessed with in middle school and followed ever since. To be here today is a bit unreal, but also very exciting. Go Gap!

Making it through this period affirmed a few things for me professionally. As a designer, it’s important to search for opportunities that make you happy. Work fills up so much of my time, so to spend my days and nights unfulfilled, is a waste … to me at least. YOLO. While no job is perfect, look for ways to get closer to finding it. It won’t happen overnight, it didn’t for me. Five years after graduation, I’m still on my grind making things happen. This experience affirmed to me that you truly have to put yourself and your goals first. The notion of having one job for the next 20 years is a bit outdated, at least in design (especially in nyc). If something doesn’t feel right, keep looking and don’t feel bad about it. Always keep an eye out for new opportunities and follow your heart to the opportunity that’s best for you. As corny as the sounds …

i did, and it was the most motivating moment in my life. 
— Georgia Whots, “Doing.” cir. 1933.

Anyways, enough of that rant! Now that I’m working at ONE place for the next who knows how long, I want to return to blogging and focusing on my side passions: textile + pattern design, photography, and cool design projects to curate and share. I’ve been spending lots of time on PinterestTumblr, and Instagram lately – so if you’re not following me there, do so and get into it!

ps.  I’m majorly into Gap’s new campaign “Back to Blue,” for many reasons. I love the subtle design – so new and fresh no? You can’t go wrong in anything blue or denim!

Follow Gap on tumblr  to see more!


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“What a horrible thing yellow is”
Edgar Degas

To celebrate 500+ followers on Pinterest, I wanted to share some colour inspiration from some of my very own pins. I found the quote above and thought it was quite funny. Yellow is such a beautiful colour, how could someone say it’s horrible? You be the judge! And if you don’t follow me yet, follow me on Pinterest!

yellow_ikea book shelf

yellow_gin poster




yellow_art school quote



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It’s been a few weeks since my last post so I thought now would be a great time to update you guys on my freelance projects from the last few months. While things have been busier than ever at my day job (designing for Moroccanoil), I’ve been doing more and more freelance the last few months. One of the groups I most enjoy working with is ConnCAN,  an education non-profiled based in New Haven, CT. I was approached by ConnCAN last spring to work on a Field Guide (pictured above) highlighting the state of education in Connecticut. We were inspired by the graphic look of the Field Notes series of products, so we applied this theme to ConnCAN’s Field Guide.




The Field Guide is filled with lots of charts and tables all designed to match the “Field Notes” theme. I designed a set of icons that appear on each page to look like field guide badges. The look of this report was so well-recieved, that one of Deleware’s non-profit groups designed their own guide/report inspried by my design.

Another fun project I’ve been working on is a logo/branding project for a NYC-based fashion designer. After years of working for some of the biggest brands in the business, he’s decided to make his impact on the fashion world with his own label. I’m going to wait to show you the final product once his site launches, but I think some of the process/behind the scenes screen grabs are particularly beautiful. I don’t actually design that many true “logos,” nor do I do that much custom lettering, but for this project I had the opportunity to do both.

Custom “A” and “R” pictured above.

Playing with letterforms – beautiful no?

One last project I have in the pipeline is helping Two Inch Cuffs, a NY-based fashion lifestyle website, that curates an impeccable collection of clothing and accessories. I was approached by Ruben Hughes, a talented gentleman I’ve followed on tumblr for a year or two now. I’ve always admired the sense of style and taste he brings to Two Inch Cuffs.  So be sure to check out the site for Two Inch Cuffs, shop their collection, follow their journal and sign up for their newsletter, as the next one you recieve may be designed by me 🙂

One last shoutout to all the designers at Appalachian State University! I was told last week that my blog has been showed in studio classes for my thoughts on resume/portfolio design. It’s nice to come full circle, just a few short years ago I was in those same classes myself. So sending loves of love to ASU!



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It’s been a while since my last post but a lot has happened in the last few months! No longer am I an unattached freelance designer, free to design for any client of my choosing. I’ve entered into an exclusive long-term (design) relationship with …. Moroccanoil! In a few days I’ll have been there 2 months. Time really does fly. While adjusting to a full-time work schedule, I’ve tried to blog here and there but I haven’t been able to get back into my grove, but I plan on changing that soon. I have a huge list of artists, designers, illustrators and photographers I’d like to share, and hopefully some new work of my own too.

I also want to celebrate that for the past FOUR consecutive months, I’ve hit 2,000 page views. While that pales in comparison to many design blogs out there, it’s miles away from the 17 views a months I had back in May 2010. This blog has been a great outlet for me to share inspiration and put into words my goals and passions, especially when it comes to design during my two years at Pratt Institute. Blogging turned into cheap therapy for a grad student that never felt at home in an MFA program. Good bad and ugly, it’s all here. And some really GREAT things have come from this blog too!

While studying abroad, I blogged about Scandinavian Textile Design and was featured on a few blogs about my travels through Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Blogging about the artists we saw and the showrooms we visited ignited my interest in learning more about textile design and writing about design in general. It also gave my blog a particular focus. Last summer I was completely shocked when I was invited to interview with a creative director that has and continues to make work I greatly admire. Last month my thoughts on resume design and interviewing were featured on another blog, also to my surprise. So while this remains a side hobby, no matter how small, your hobbies and interests can open doors! So here’s to opening new doors in the coming months and sharing more stories.

See more of my pin’d type quotes (here) on my pinterest.

Lastly, a quote from one of my favorite posts, and read more about Marimekko here.


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A few days ago I blogged about interviewing and resumes, and I just stumbled across this post from Design Love Fest that expands what I was talking about earlier:

Q: “what do your resumes look like? are they design-y looking or no-frills?

A: Designed! when applying to a design job, your resume is often the first thing the art director sees. it’s an example of your type styling and layout skills. it doesn’t have to be jazzed with odds and ends — it can just be beautifully typeset. you want the information neatly organized with no more than three typefaces: a main headline text, a second for your dates and a third for the descriptions. anymore it will look too busy.

I agree, type choices, setting layout and layout are key! Not extra decoration and tricks.


Katie’s before & After.


Bri’s Before & After. Reminds me of mine, with all my extra decoration on it.


Me (before).


Me (currently).

Design Love Fest has a great blog & twitter, so get into it and feel the design love.

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The wonderful people at J.Crew just released their 2012 J. Crew Collection and I stumbled across these images from their 770 Behind the Line blog. As we’re in the middle of winter here in NYC it’s refreshing to see COLOR! What I love so much about J.Crew (for women) is their playful use of color. They have really moved beyond the bland preppy-casual style of J.Crew in the 2000s. The J.Crew of today is so different than it was just 10 years ago. There are a few interesting articles about the transformation of J.Crew over the years under the direction of Jenna Lyons that are interesting to read. Seems like it was quite the battle but from what I’ve read, J.Crew has never done better. I wish the Men’s lines would take more risks and use more color/pattern, but I will say the NY Liquor/NYC Men’s stores are so much more well designed than the typical mall stores. So that’s something!

Anyways … what I really love about these pictures are the vibrant colors. As a male graphic designer, obviously I can’t wear this stuff (or could I? … jk), so I use this stuff as great inspiration. If I’m feeling uninspired or starting a new project, I love looking through my fashion image libraries and using the color picker in Photoshop/Illustrator to pick new color combinations. That’s one of the tricks I learned from my time in Copenhagen studying textile design. Interior design blogs and magazines are also great for this! Look for brands (or photos) that playfully use and MIX colors, and bring that to what you’re designing to create something new and surprising. Use something from one medium, be it fashion or interior design, and bring that to graphic design. Here’s what I mean:

So in love with these magenta pants .. gonna try to rock a colored pant this spring

So if this is something that is interesting to you, I have a few sites to check out.

1. J.Crew’s Behind the Line Tumblr.

2. Kate Spade’s Tumblr & Pinterest.

3. Design to Inspire Blog

4. My Tumblr! 🙂

Rebecca Bauman via J.Crew’s Tumblr.

Kate Spade NY’s Tumblr.

My Tumblr archive.



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