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Buffalo Pong Wallpaper: Digital and gouache Na Kim 2012
Buffalo Pong Wallpaper, 2012.

Today I’m super excited to share illustrated patterns by Na Kim and her delightfully illustrated resume (scroll down). How great is this buffalo x ping pong wallpaper pattern? I love this style of pattern making; taking individual illustrations and repositioning them to create a repeat pattern. And I like that she’s doing so in such a playful way. They’re totally random (or at least appear to be) but work together so well. I love the unexpected combinations! Wouldn’t this pattern, and the ones below, make really cool socks or something? I’m all about it.

Buffalo Pong Gouache on Paper © Na Kim 2012

Her original Buffalo Pong illustration (above).

Mallard-mallot Pattern 2012 Digital+Gouache © Na Kim 2012

Mallard-mallot Pattern, 2012 (above).

Mallard-Mallot 2012 Gouache on paper © Na Kim 2012

Whale Ballin’ Reloaded Wallpaper © Na Kim 2012

Whale Ballin’ 2012 (above). Aren’t these fun?

So I found Na Kim’s illustrated resume first (below), and patterns second, which reminded me of a subject I’ve touched on a few times, resume design. Some months ago, I blogged about what a bad idea “creative” resumes are, especially in the graphic design field. However, in this case I absolutely love Na Kim’s illustrated resume. It just makes sense. She’s a talented illustrator and has a unique typographic style of lettering. I’m not saying all designers (or typographers) should do this, but when it speaks to your skills, and you’re able to inject a sense of personality AND skill into it, then why not.

So if you’re liking what you see, check out Na Kim’s website and blog.
Get into it y’all!

na-kim illustration


Love love love! (everything above and below).

boys will be boys 2011 Ink on Paper

he said she said 2011

I AM NOT AFRAID OF RICHARD SERRA. 2009 Gouache on paper

im no kennedy 2011

the good life 2010


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A few days ago I blogged about interviewing and resumes, and I just stumbled across this post from Design Love Fest that expands what I was talking about earlier:

Q: “what do your resumes look like? are they design-y looking or no-frills?

A: Designed! when applying to a design job, your resume is often the first thing the art director sees. it’s an example of your type styling and layout skills. it doesn’t have to be jazzed with odds and ends — it can just be beautifully typeset. you want the information neatly organized with no more than three typefaces: a main headline text, a second for your dates and a third for the descriptions. anymore it will look too busy.

I agree, type choices, setting layout and layout are key! Not extra decoration and tricks.


Katie’s before & After.


Bri’s Before & After. Reminds me of mine, with all my extra decoration on it.


Me (before).


Me (currently).

Design Love Fest has a great blog & twitter, so get into it and feel the design love.

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