Fornasetti Week


I’m alive world! After not blogging in almost 9 months (gasp!), I’m ready to come back. A lot has happened since June 2015: I escaped the oppressive rent, freelance design culture, stress and poor quality of life in NYC and headed south for greener pastures. By day I’m an Interactive Art Director based in Atlanta, GA. Outside of work, I’m still passionate about all things relating to fashion, advertising, patterns, and textiles. I have a few creative projects in works, so I’m excited to get those off the ground and share on here (and other places – stay tuned).

To get back in the swing of things, I’m going to devote this entire week to the charming and whimsical world of Fornasetti. I’m obsessed with their trademark plates (pictured above and below) but the world is Fornasetti is filled with many more curiosities I’m sharing this week. So get into it!





Several weeks ago, under the guidance of Creative Director Stuart Vevers, Coach debuted their first-ever menswear collection at London Fashion week. As any 90’s kid knows, Coach is an American accessories brand, once on top of the word, but has struggled in recent years to establish relevance in todays rapidly shifting fashion landscape. In 2013, Stuart Vevers, formally of Mulberry and Loewe, was appointed Executive Creative Director of the brand and is quickly reshaping Coach into a modern lifestyle brand for a younger generation. In the fall I blogged about Coach’s Fall 14 advertising campaign being one of my favorites, and the Spring 2016 Menswear collection is adding to my growing love for the brand.

I’m so in love with the animal print mixing! So playful, young and graphic. As a guy, I feel like most American brands (J.Crew, Gap, etc) struggle with offering newness each season. This collection is a breath of fresh air! Finally a brand offering something you don’t see in a million other stores. I can’t wait for next spring when this collection is available in stores, and I can’t wait to see what Vevers creates in the seasons to come. So check out more images from the Coach Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Collection below, and get into it!

coach-002-2000_1280x1920 coach-005-2000_1280x1920 coach-011-2000_1280x1920 coach-012-2000_1280x1920


Awesome right, below are some backstage shots captured by Russ McClintock.

13scene-coach-slide-8ZES-jumbo 13scene-coach-slide-24TO-jumbo 13scene-coach-slide-CQVG-jumbo 13scene-coach-slide-ZFGS-jumbo




The next time you find yourself in the Netherlands, you’d be mad to not check out the beautiful flagship store of lifestyle brand MARIE-STELLA-MARIS. Located in central Amsterdam, MARIE-STELLA-MARIS sells body, skin, and hair care products in addition to it’s namesake line of Mineral water and home products. This store is a graphic designers paradise, bold graphic typography, beautiful packaging and advertising, and a tastefully-designed interior to bring everything together. MSM was founded by founded by Patrick Munsters, who strongly believes in the idea of taking care of one another. MSM products are made with only the finest natural ingredients, and for each product you purchase, MARIE-STELLA-MARIS donates a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide.


I’m pretty much in-love in every aspect of this brand, from their mission, to their branding, store design and packaging. All of it is so clean, graphic and minimal. And by supporting this brand, you’re helping someone in need. It’s a win-win! So get into world of MARIE-STELLA-MARIS, and check out their website and foundation here. Get into it!

Marie-Stella-Maris-Amsterdam-Netherlands-04 Marie-Stella-Maris-Amsterdam-Netherlands-Interior1 Marie-Stella-Maris-Amsterdam-Netherlands-Interior2 Marie-Stella-Maris-Amsterdam-Netherlands-Interior3 Marie-Stella-Maris-Amsterdam-Netherlands-Interior4

Isn’t their production photography + advertising beautiful?? (above and below).

Marie-Stella-Maris-Amsterdam-Netherlands-Products2 Marie-Stella-Maris-Amsterdam-Netherlands-Products3

Marie-Stella-Maris-Amsterdam-Netherlands-05 Marie-Stella-Maris-Amsterdam-Netherlands-AdvertisingTotally obsessed! You can buy their products online here, and they even offer international shipping! Get into it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 3.10.15 PM

Today I stumbled across the a-mazing work of Brooklyn-based artist Lorna Simpson and I’m so in love with her mixed-media collages. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Simpson rose to prominence in the 80s and 90s. Simpson, who’s work has been exhibited at MoMA and have exhibitions all over the world, has been creating work for over 30 years. I’d never heard of her before today, but I’m totally in love with this series. I really really really need to get started creating my own work and collaging again. So until I do, get into the great work of Lorna Simpson!

Lorna Simpson_Collage_1

Lorna Simpson_Collage_5

Lorna Simpson_Collage_7

Detail (below).

Lorna Simpson_Collage_7_detail

Lorna Simpson_Collage_6

Lorna Simpson_Collages_Group1

How great do these look in a group? (above and below).

lorna_simpson_exhibtionLornaSimpson_Inst_Geuter_04_630x355_01So in love with these as a series!

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Yesterday on Tumblr, I stumbled across this awesome series of heart prints and immediately fell in love. How great do these look in a series? So bold and graphic! After some research, I discovered these prints are the work of British graphic artist Patrick Thomas. This series was featured in Thomas’ 2013 London exhibition, ‘100 BPM.” The show was a series of silkscreened bold heart ideograms combined with found imagery and collage, a recurring motif throughout the exhibition, which was timed to coincide with the Feast of Saint Valentine. The majority of works were limited editions and unique pieces created using free-form screenprinting and collage. Much of Thomas’ other work is super graphic in nature, so naturally I love everything! According to the Hang-Up gallery in London,

Thomas has been described as an ‘icongraphiste’ by American design critic Steven Heller. His work combines iconic images to create new, powerful messages. His art avoids labels, Thomas explains “I’m interested in process, in typography, in image-making and art. What I do is hopefully something that doesn’t fit neatly into any one of these categories.


I’m super-inspired by this series, and the larger body of work by Thomas. It really motivates me to start designing some of my own projects. I’m jealous that he’s already done so much work with this heart/love/target motif, but maybe there’s a way I can take this idea and put a new spin on it? I might also look into purchasing some of these prints, I’d love to get a least 4 for my apartment and hang them together. So feel the love (like I did) and get into the awesome work of Patrick Thomas!

patrick-thomas-heart-target-001 patrick-thomas-heart-target-fluoro-II patrick-thomas-heart-target-IX patrick-thomas-heart-target-te-amo

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Cover design for Esquire Magazine by George Lois 1968

Esquire is a monthly mens magazine first published in 1933 with the mission “to become the common denominator of masculine interests—to be all things to all men.” Well 82 years later, Esquire is still around with several international editions and it’s own cable TV network. I’m a particularly a huge fan of some of their iconic covers from the 1940s and 50s, and their  type-heavy covers of today. When I was in Nashville, TN over Christmas, I saw a clothing store that use spreads and covers from vintage issues as wallpaper. The images were so graphic and cool – now I’m on a mission to find some of my own. Until then, check out a few of my favorites through the years. Get into it.

Esquire cover Holiday 1959 Esquire LBJ cover. June 1967 Esquire Magazine | April 1954 Esquire Magazine 1956 Esquire Magazine cover from October 1956

Esquire magazine, June 1965, Great Britain. Cover, %22007%22 Sean ConneryHow great are these vintage covers (above)? Some of these covers were so iconic, they were redone years later …

Esqure 1966

60 Years of Women We Love, 1966 (above).

Esquire 2003 Britney Spers

Britney Spears, 2003 (above).

Esquire Robert Downey Jr Esquire Spain _Woody Allen Esquire_Malaysia Spanish Esquire

Today Esquire seems to be know for their type-heavy expressive covers. Can’t get enough of these! And for George Clooney.

George Clooney Esquire (Malaysia) George Clooney Esquire_Russia George Clooney_Esquire Singapore George Clooney_Esquire USA

Seems like he’s graced the cover more than anyone else. But of course I can see why. If you enjoyed this post, check out my entire Pinterest board dedicated to magazine covers here.

Get into it!

scene-fashiontography-browne-04Hello world, I’m alive! I’ve been a horrible contributor by not added anything to the blog in months, but I’m back! I’m finally ready to come back from winter hibernation.

One designer I’ve been watching for years is Thom Browne. When I worked in Tribeca, I’d see his employees in the neighborhood (the HQ/showroom is around the corner from my old office), and I’d always envy how well-tailored the suits were, and how sharp all the guys looked. Thom Browne suits, for those that don’t know, are typically cut hight above the ankle, and gray/blue or black with his signature red, white and blue label details.

tumblr_n9mx538bsZ1rpz53so1_500tumblr_mv8ah87LhA1rpz53so1_500How great do these guys look?

While these suits look amazing, I’m particularly drawn to how inventive his runway shows are each season at Fashion Week. Those collections are much more avant-garde and creative. Recently I stumbled across Thom Browne’s tumblr and really fell in love with his brand. On their own these images seem crazy, and I used to always think, who would wear that ?!?! Together, I see the vision of a truly original designer, and I’m so excited to see what he’ll produce in the future. Now I’ll have to add a gray Thom Browne suit to my fashion/closet bucket list … now check out the looks below, and get into the fanciful world of Thom Browne.

Thom Browne-spring 2015_1 Thom Browne-spring 2015_2 Thom Browne-spring 2015_3

Spring/Summer 2015 Mens collection (above), women’s below.

Thom Browne-spring 2015_womens Thom Browne-spring 2015_womens2 Thom Browne-spring 2015_womens3 Thom Browne-spring 2015_womens4

thom browne-spring 2014_2

Thom Browne Spring 2014 (above).

spring 2011_wonderland_magazine Thom Browne S:S 2011

Spring 2011 (above). How awesome is this blazer?

Thom Browne-fall 2014_1 Thom Browne-fall 2014_2 Thom Browne-fall 2014_3 Thom Browne-fall 2014_4 Thom Browne-fall 2014_sketch

So there you have it, my best-of Thom Browne collection. Cool right?

If you like what you see, check out Thom Browne’s tumblr here. Get into it!