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scene-fashiontography-browne-04Hello world, I’m alive! I’ve been a horrible contributor by not added anything to the blog in months, but I’m back! I’m finally ready to come back from winter hibernation.

One designer I’ve been watching for years is Thom Browne. When I worked in Tribeca, I’d see his employees in the neighborhood (the HQ/showroom is around the corner from my old office), and I’d always envy how well-tailored the suits were, and how sharp all the guys looked. Thom Browne suits, for those that don’t know, are typically cut hight above the ankle, and gray/blue or black with his signature red, white and blue label details.

tumblr_n9mx538bsZ1rpz53so1_500tumblr_mv8ah87LhA1rpz53so1_500How great do these guys look?

While these suits look amazing, I’m particularly drawn to how inventive his runway shows are each season at Fashion Week. Those collections are much more avant-garde and creative. Recently I stumbled across Thom Browne’s tumblr and really fell in love with his brand. On their own these images seem crazy, and I used to always think, who would wear that ?!?! Together, I see the vision of a truly original designer, and I’m so excited to see what he’ll produce in the future. Now I’ll have to add a gray Thom Browne suit to my fashion/closet bucket list … now check out the looks below, and get into the fanciful world of Thom Browne.

Thom Browne-spring 2015_1 Thom Browne-spring 2015_2 Thom Browne-spring 2015_3

Spring/Summer 2015 Mens collection (above), women’s below.

Thom Browne-spring 2015_womens Thom Browne-spring 2015_womens2 Thom Browne-spring 2015_womens3 Thom Browne-spring 2015_womens4

thom browne-spring 2014_2

Thom Browne Spring 2014 (above).

spring 2011_wonderland_magazine Thom Browne S:S 2011

Spring 2011 (above). How awesome is this blazer?

Thom Browne-fall 2014_1 Thom Browne-fall 2014_2 Thom Browne-fall 2014_3 Thom Browne-fall 2014_4 Thom Browne-fall 2014_sketch

So there you have it, my best-of Thom Browne collection. Cool right?

If you like what you see, check out Thom Browne’s tumblr here. Get into it!

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