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Cover design for Esquire Magazine by George Lois 1968

Esquire is a monthly mens magazine first published in 1933 with the mission “to become the common denominator of masculine interests—to be all things to all men.” Well 82 years later, Esquire is still around with several international editions and it’s own cable TV network. I’m a particularly a huge fan of some of their iconic covers from the 1940s and 50s, and their  type-heavy covers of today. When I was in Nashville, TN over Christmas, I saw a clothing store that use spreads and covers from vintage issues as wallpaper. The images were so graphic and cool – now I’m on a mission to find some of my own. Until then, check out a few of my favorites through the years. Get into it.

Esquire cover Holiday 1959 Esquire LBJ cover. June 1967 Esquire Magazine | April 1954 Esquire Magazine 1956 Esquire Magazine cover from October 1956

Esquire magazine, June 1965, Great Britain. Cover, %22007%22 Sean ConneryHow great are these vintage covers (above)? Some of these covers were so iconic, they were redone years later …

Esqure 1966

60 Years of Women We Love, 1966 (above).

Esquire 2003 Britney Spers

Britney Spears, 2003 (above).

Esquire Robert Downey Jr Esquire Spain _Woody Allen Esquire_Malaysia Spanish Esquire

Today Esquire seems to be know for their type-heavy expressive covers. Can’t get enough of these! And for George Clooney.

George Clooney Esquire (Malaysia) George Clooney Esquire_Russia George Clooney_Esquire Singapore George Clooney_Esquire USA

Seems like he’s graced the cover more than anyone else. But of course I can see why. If you enjoyed this post, check out my entire Pinterest board dedicated to magazine covers here.

Get into it!


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