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Now that everyone has enjoyed the long (but not long enough!) Memorial Day weekend, I’m sharing the final America-inspired post celebrating one of my favorite color combinations: red, white and blue. While I don’t consider myself overly patriotic or “pro-American,” I do love the way these colors look together. So bold and graphic! I’m especially a sucker for anything vintage relating to Americana and politics. So get into all red, white + blue – and let’s celebrate the official start of summer with this collection of images. Get into it!



Americans in Paris_Number 17

Christopher GrayChristopher Gray artwork (above).


Dutch De Stijl-style storage cabinet

Hannah Waldron

Hannah Waldron artwork (above).


JWT Rebranding Round 1 by Killamari


Retna mural detail (above) and full piece (below). I follow this guy on Instagram and am SO into this work.

retna_mural_NYC usa_vintage_stamp


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Continuing with my series of American-themed posts celebrating Memorial Day, today I’m sharing an “American Summer” collection/mood board of images I put together for a work project. One of my favorite parts of the design process is gathering inspiration. I love grouping seeming unrelated images and creating stories that speak to a theme or concept. This practice is used heavily in fashion when designers create mood boards for upcoming collections. I blogged about a few fashion week mood boards I found a while back. So get into this American Summer collection – and see more images on my Pinterest Board here. Happy Memorial Day!

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Roy Lichtenstein American Flag, 1985 (above).

At work our design team spends lots of time looking at all things America(n) and objects that symbolize American style. And what does this better than the American flag? Nothing! One of my new interests is finding different ways the flag can been graphically re-represented, especially by designers and artists. I’d never really thought about the American flag in this way, so I love seeing how creatively it can be recreated. In this post are some of my favorite modern twists on the classic American classic. Get into it, and may God continue to bless America.





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