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The last few months I’ve been working with patterns and environmental graphics for one of my projects at work and I wanted to share this project by¬†Lian Ng & Jean Orlebeke. I stumbled across it years ago while looking through Dwell magazine and I’m so happy I found a site that has all the prints. For $125 one can be yours! According to Publique Living,

This series of artwork inspired is by the distinctive architectural element from buildings around the world. Whether it be a pattern or shape that distinguishes these buildings, it is the first layer of visual iconic recognition. The cities in which these buildings reside in are called out by their airport code instead of their names, creating another layer of graphic distinction, akin to the visual alignment between architectural elements and buildings. The codes also function as a beacon of destination, proclaiming the cities’ association with inspiring architecture. An interpretive project from Lian Ng and Jean Orlebeke, in limited edition of 180, available unframed only.

I love the idea of this project, being inspired by architectural forms and turning that inspiration into graphic patterns and prints. In my project at work I’m trying to find ways to turn basic shapes into compelling repeat patterns for use on walls and glass throughout a building. It’s definitely a challenge but this project is a great example of how simple (or complex) shapes and lines can create compelling graphics. Here are a few of my favorites … now if anyone would like to get me a print for my bday … I’d love you long time.

You can purchase prints here, at Publique Living.


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