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Today I got quite the surprise in my inbox from the folks at Behance. My work for Jonathan Adler is being featured on Typography Served, a site with curated work from leading creatives on Behance. What an honor! Thanks Behance!


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click images to visit my new tumblr blogs!

Over the past few weeks I’ve developed a new addiction … TUMBLR! I’m constantly collecting images as sources of inspiration, so tumblr became a great way to do this online and document what inspires me. I’m hoping this collection of images, words, and thoughts will help inform me for possible for possible thesis directions. I’ve expressed my frustration of our lack of making in the MFA program, so quite simply, my inspiration tumblr serves as an outlet of documenting beautiful things, and so what what if I like beautiful things?

THAT SAID, it’s important to consider why I find this work beautiful, figure out what makes it successful, and see if I can apply that to my work. The second tumblr account I created is solely for my thesis. I finally had a thesis BREAKTHROUGH last Friday. It looks like my thesis is simply turning into the search for joy: my personal search, and searching for it around me. I’ve been working on visual essays (I plan to finish them over break), and have a list of side projects and explorations to do soon. My previous post serves as a manifesto to create this work, and see this idea though. Why can’t design be full of joy? If I can’t find joy (and happiness) in my work now, while I’m in school, then what’s the point? In a ideal world, I’d love to find a job that is a creative outlet, but the pessimist in me finds that unrealistic, at least at first. I know I’m going to have to “pay my dues” and do some shitty work before I really find my place. And in today’s economy, I might be doing shitty work for years to come just to hold on a job.

In closing, I’m so happy to be where I am (thesis-wise). I have the green light to start screen printing over xmas break and things seem to be falling into place for most of my projects. The jury is still out in my technology class — I haven’t felt a connection to that class all semester. In my visual language class we’re doing another “Place Project” — pick a significant place in nyc and create a book or something about it. I chose the recently closed St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC’s West Village. Here’s my introduction for the project:

Just to give you a taste of some of what I’m looking at, I grabbed these from my tumblr accounts. If any of y’all have accounts, I’d love to follow you! Or follow me!

http://dcwdesign.tumblr.com AND http://sharedjoy.tumblr.com


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Click here to read book.

First up is my Sophronia book. What is Sophronia you might ask? Sophronia is one of the cities discussed in Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities. For this assignment, we were to read the book and pick a city we found interesting. This city would then serve as the basis of our projects that semester. Here is a little blurb about the book so you might understand what I’m talking about:

“Invisible Cities explores the imaginable through the descriptions of cities by an explorer, Marco Polo. The book is framed as a conversation between the aging and busy emperor Kublai Khan, who constantly has merchants coming to describe the state of his expanding and vast empire, and Polo. The majority of the book consists of brief prose poems describing 55 cities, apparently narrated by Polo.”

From reading the book, I chose the city of Sophronia. The city is half circus, half normal city (normal in that it contains all the industry and infrastructure one might find in a typical city). After creating the book, we then created a “welcome packet” for new residents. This kit included a double-sided poster/mailer, currency, a voter registration card, and lastly a “digital postcard.”

Below are pictures of that package as a whole! This is my probably my favorite project I’ve done at Pratt so far .. Hope you like.

Poster (front)

Poster (Back/fold-out poster side)

Calender of Events detail, looks this way when folded/unfolded

Currency (front then back)


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Peter Mars

I just stumbled across a new (to me) artist I’m really in love with. I was walking around the city last weekend, and Jessica and I walked past the Pop International Galleries in Soho. Immediately I was attracted to the work of Peter Mars, his work looked very Andy Warhol-like; silk-screened canvases with playful image layering. My favorite part of his work is the image appropriation, and his mix of type + image. I love all the layering and colors in his pieces. Some of these pictures really don’t give the work justice, the colors and texture are much more vivid in person.

Pop International Galleries describes the artist here, “Peter Mars has been the leader of Chicago’s Avant Pop Movement for the past fifteen years. Combining avant-garde innovation with a deep Pop Art sensibility, Mars fuses and confuses the traditional distinctions between high culture and low art. The artist’s sensibilities fall somewhere between Dada and Pop, “In that area where nonsense and popular culture so frequently meet.

Using the joy and nostalgia that can be found in everyday objects, Mars explores American culture, the passage of time, and the icons that each period adopts as its own. Billboard advertisements with years of old ads peeling through, outmoded wallpaper designs overprinted with modern icons, recognizable typography overlaps young female faces, antique Coca Cola logos juxtaposed with a fresh-faced Elvis –each elicits a multiplicity of American eras and cultural identities.”

Now one my questions, is how does he get around copyright issues, most of his work is made of copyrighted images, logos, and art. He appropriates the work, to create new meaning, but you can still pick out where the work came from. In design, we’re always talking about copyright. Peter Mars is selling these works, probably for a lot of money, and I’m sure he’s not giving Coca-Cola a check. One of his pieces has the Louis Vuitton pattern as a layer in it …  I just have no idea how he can do that, sell his work, and somehow not owe LV money.

As I try to come up with thesis topics, I’m really inspired by this work. I love mixing type and image, and this would be an interesting avenue to explore. I already collect images all the time, especially those of type. I love the idea of making “art” out of graphic design. I think part of the reason Pop Art is so appealing to graphic designers is because we can so easily relate it to our own work. I can see bits and pieces of what I do, designing posters or logos, in this type of work. Peter Mars takes these design elements, juxtaposes them in a new way, creating a fresh composition with abstracted meaning.

Since I am now an MFA student at Pratt, I recently learned that my thesis will be presented in exhibition form, much in the way the fine art MFA students present their final projects. We’re going to be working all next year on projects that will ultimately create a body of work, all centered around one thesis topic. So whatever I chose to do, better have some depth and legs to it, as I’ll be stuck making work about it for an entire year. Perhaps I’ll return to screen printing once again? We shall see!

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Fun website with clever typographic compositions and t-shirts. Check out Wordboner.com

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The following photos I scanned from French Vogue Nov. 2009, shot by David Sims.
I loved the Keith Haring inspired photo shoot, and the general design of the magazine.
European fashion magazines are so much better than the ones here …

Here’s the cover, notice the gold reflective inks used.
The physical piece is really beautiful.

Table of contents, just love how it looks together.

David Sims photographed Isabeli Fontana for the French Vogue November 2009 cover on July 19 +20, 2009 at Milk Studios, Studio #1 with stylist Carine Roitfeld.

Jessica’s future wedding dress. Love how the background contrasts with the dress.

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For this assignment, I traveled to four distinct neighborhoods in NYC … Soho, Central Park, Times Square, and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I took photos of the found type in each neighborhood, which I think gives you a feel for the particular place. It’s amazing how NYC can have so many neighborhoods like this, and this assigment only covered four of them.

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