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As we’re just a few days from Christmas, I wanted to bring you the final Ruben Toledo post, except this time I’m also featuring his equally talented wife, fashion designer Isabel Toledo. You may remember hearing about Isabel Toledo when Michelle Obama wore one of her creations at the 2008 inauguration (below). In every interview I’ve read from the couple, they both speak SO HIGHLY of one another and how talented and creative each of them are. Truly a great partnership, and don’t they look so cute together? Enjoy a few photos of the couple below, and check out shots from the Toledo home studio featured on the Selby in 2010. Get into it, and happy holidays! ❤

President Barack Obama and First Lady Mi





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Ruben Toledo_Nordstrom_Ad_Windows_4

Back in 2009 (the early early early days of my blog), I blogged about one of my favorite illustrators, Ruben Toledo. I’ve been enamored with Toledo’s work for years, so I thought it was about time I devoted a few posts to this brilliant artist. I was first exposed to Toledo’s work from the Nordstrom ads he illustrated for several years. I used to rip them out of magazines and collect them. There’s something about Toledo’s illustrative style that’s so playful and beautiful, and so uniquely his own. I can spot his fashion illustrations anywhere! I like this series of ads because they combine illustration and spaces, sort of like windows and store design, which I do now. I never saw this series in print but I’m so happy to have found it online and share it with you. In the next few days I’m going to share more of his work and take a look into the studio he shares with his wife, fashion designer Isabel Toledo.

Ruben Toledo_Nordstrom_Ad_Windows_6

Ruben Toledo_Nordstrom_Ad_Windows_7

Ruben Toledo_Nordstrom_Ad_Windows_8

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