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After more than a century, “the Greatest Show on Earth” is coming to and end. Recently it was announced that in May, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will end after 146 years in business. The news comes after years of declining sales, animal rights protests and rising production costs. In modern times, this 100+ year old traveling act had to compete against the movies, Netflix, Hulu and every other form of entertainment. While I haven’t been to an actual circus in years, I’ve always thought there was something magical and romantic about it.

So to celebrate the final days of the circus, I wanted to share some pictures from this magical world.


Equal parts mysterious and creepy, I’ve always thought the circus, and particularly vintage circus photos from the 1800-1950s, are so interesting!



Life Visits the Circus


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Hey everybody – awesome news! I’m featured in the 2011-2012 Pratt Institute Graduate Bulletin (aka catalog)!! I guess you can say I’ve come full circle. Wasn’t too long ago I was a bright-eyed design student at Appalachian State University dreaming of moving to New York and studying Communication Design at Pratt. I remember looking at the catalog years ago thinking .. if only I could get into Pratt. And three short years later my work is featured in their bulletin for new prospective students!

Also this week I’m printing and submitting in my final thesis paper and book. Now that my Pratt chapter is wrapping up it’s time to start planning for the next 5 years. My next project is reworking parts of my website (www.dcwdesign.com) and then it’s time to start making big post-school moves in 2012. Wish me luck – and best of luck to everyone in the new year!

Here’s the project that’s featured in Pratt’s 2011-2012 Graduate Bulletin. My Sophronia project based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities book.

Front of double-sided poster/mailer.

Calender of events detail.

Fold out poster advertising Sophronia – half circus, half “real” city.

Voter card for Sophronia.

:: And coming soon ::

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Click here to read book.

First up is my Sophronia book. What is Sophronia you might ask? Sophronia is one of the cities discussed in Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities. For this assignment, we were to read the book and pick a city we found interesting. This city would then serve as the basis of our projects that semester. Here is a little blurb about the book so you might understand what I’m talking about:

“Invisible Cities explores the imaginable through the descriptions of cities by an explorer, Marco Polo. The book is framed as a conversation between the aging and busy emperor Kublai Khan, who constantly has merchants coming to describe the state of his expanding and vast empire, and Polo. The majority of the book consists of brief prose poems describing 55 cities, apparently narrated by Polo.”

From reading the book, I chose the city of Sophronia. The city is half circus, half normal city (normal in that it contains all the industry and infrastructure one might find in a typical city). After creating the book, we then created a “welcome packet” for new residents. This kit included a double-sided poster/mailer, currency, a voter registration card, and lastly a “digital postcard.”

Below are pictures of that package as a whole! This is my probably my favorite project I’ve done at Pratt so far .. Hope you like.

Poster (front)

Poster (Back/fold-out poster side)

Calender of Events detail, looks this way when folded/unfolded

Currency (front then back)


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Digital spreads from my Sophronia Type II Book, for this project, I took text from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities and created type compositions of words and phrases inspired by the book.

Flip through the digital version here.

Below of pictures of the printed piece. I really need to get better photos, but you get the idea. Hope you like!

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