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Isabel + Ruben Toledo Target (1)

Isabel x Ruben Toledo for Target (above).

The other day I gave an introduction to one of my favorite artists/illustrators Ruben Toledo and his work with Nordstrom. Today I’d like to share more of his work and a little more about the artist. The piece above (actually a beach towel) was created to celebrate opening a new Target store in NYC, and I’m lucky enough to own this beauty. Cute right? So a little more about the artist: Ruben Toledo was born in Havana, Cuba in 1961. Toledo is a painter, sculptor, illustrator, fashion chronicler and critic, and surrealist. He has designed mannequins, store windows, award statuettes, scarves, fabrics, dishes and book covers for Penguin Classics. He has painted murals, portraits, album covers and gallery walls. He has also created illustrations for the top fashion magazines from around the world including The New Yorker, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Paper, Visionaire, Interview and The New York Times. Some of my favorite work from Toledo comes from the book The Little Black Book of Style by Project Runway’s Nina Garcia. The book is soooooo cute and illustrated beautifully by Toledo. Years ago in college I gave it as christmas gifts. So sit back, scroll, and get into more of Toledo’s work below.

Ruben_Toledo_Illustration_4 Ruben_Toledo_Illustration_5 Ruben_Toledo_Illustration_6


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Ruben Toledo_Nordstrom_Ad_Windows_4

Back in 2009 (the early early early days of my blog), I blogged about one of my favorite illustrators, Ruben Toledo. I’ve been enamored with Toledo’s work for years, so I thought it was about time I devoted a few posts to this brilliant artist. I was first exposed to Toledo’s work from the Nordstrom ads he illustrated for several years. I used to rip them out of magazines and collect them. There’s something about Toledo’s illustrative style that’s so playful and beautiful, and so uniquely his own. I can spot his fashion illustrations anywhere! I like this series of ads because they combine illustration and spaces, sort of like windows and store design, which I do now. I never saw this series in print but I’m so happy to have found it online and share it with you. In the next few days I’m going to share more of his work and take a look into the studio he shares with his wife, fashion designer Isabel Toledo.

Ruben Toledo_Nordstrom_Ad_Windows_6

Ruben Toledo_Nordstrom_Ad_Windows_7

Ruben Toledo_Nordstrom_Ad_Windows_8

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Today while browsing Behance portfolios, I found a cool campaign from P&G’s Dreft + fashion illustrator Anna Halarewicz. I love the tagline paired with fashion illustration and use of watercolor. What a simple-yet-effective idea right? While looking for other examples of her work, it’s clear to see watercolor is Anna’s medium of choice and she pairs it masterfully with her illustrative style. There’s just something about fashion illustration that always catches my eye!

I found a few more examples of Anna Halarewicz’s illustration which I’ll share below.

And finally, the artist herself!

I haven’t been able to find an official website for her, but if you look on pinterest or tumblr, lot’s of her stuff pops up.



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I came across the work of Illustrator Michael Sanderson last week on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with his unique style of fashion illustration. Sanderson is a Portland-based creative illustrator and designer. He writes,

A concentration on fashion & retail and a firm understanding of current photography standards sets the tone of Michael Sanderson’s primary aesthetic–An amalgamation of a photographer’s eye and an artist’s hand. Research also plays a pivotal role in the work, keeping up with cultural & contemporary design trends while considering the lasting potential of creative choices, lend in the creation of edgy yet timeless concepts.

Another blog writes that when Sanderson was accepted to the Art Institute of Chicago, the Colorado native dropped out of high school to pursue a fashion design degree. Later, after landing his first major client, Sanderson left the Art Institute to start his own independent design career. It’s interesting to see the path artists/designers take to become established. There really is no set path to take, you just need talent and passion. Design school isn’t necessarily the golden ticket it’s promised to be, there are other routes to success!

Enjoy a collection of Sanderson’s work, check out his website (here), and follow him on tumblr (here). I’m truly in love with the Portland/outdoorsy aesthetic of his tumblr so lots of great collected inspiration there.

Gentlemen prefer Kiehl’s – Michael Sanderson for Keihl’s.

Really love this series.

Sanderson has a whole series of illustrated products that I’m so in love with.
I think they’re self-initiated projects, maybe products he loves?

Flannel Shirt.



Chap Stick.

I like that Sanderson does so much men’s fashion illustration.
The characters in his illustrations all look so hip, woodsy and cool. Great style.

As I’m writing this from the Outer Banks of NC this week, I hope everyone gets a chance to go outside and explore look for inspiration.

A quick screen shot of Sanderson’s tumblr. Get into it (here).

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