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A few days ago, I blogged about my early favorite Fall 14 ad campaign by Cole Haan that caught my eye. And now that I’ve had sufficient time to luxuriate around my apartment and enjoy all my September Issues, I’ve created my Fall 14 favorites list! My number one favorite, hands-down, is the Fall 14 Moschino campaign shot my Steven Meisel (who coincidentally shot almost ALL of my favorites this year). I love the mix of high and low, the beautiful classic museum-style photography paired with Jeremey Scott’s crazy clothes, which themselves are a blend of American pop culture and high fashion. They are playful and fun. And who doesn’t love the iconic models in the campaign?

hbz-moschino-ads-1-lg hbz-moschino-ads-2-lg

Second up are the Fall 14 Miu Miu ads (below), also shot by Steven Meisel – noticing a trend here??

stacy-martin-by-steven-meisel-for-miu-miu-fall-winter-2014-2015-21 stacy-martin-steven-meisel-miu-miu-2014-2015-1  stacy-martin-the-face-of-miu-miu-fall-2014-ad-campaign-2

I love the high contrast black & white. These are something edgy and new compared to the Miu Miu ads I’m used to seeing.



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Now that it’s finally September, my favorite fashion time of year, the new Fall ’14 campaigns are releasing in magazines, social media and outdoor advertising across the US. It’s no secret that I have a Cole Haan obsession, so it’s no surprise I’m totally in-love with their newest campaign starring Dree Hemingway. Shot in Sun Valley, Idaho by renowned photographer Glen Luchford and conceived by Wednesday Agency, the campaign takes the brand in a new direction.

According to Cole Haan,

The underlying theme of the synergy between tradition and modernity is also evocative of Ms. Hemingway’s approach to her rich family legacy, while simultaneously forging her own path. A fresh take on the American Dream, the campaign imagery of Dree on open roads and in other rural scenes embodies both the self-determination and independent spirit of Cole Haan and Ms. Hemingway. 

I’m loving the new “lifestyle” direction to their advertising. I wonder if they have a male brand ambassador shot this way? Anyways, get into the beautiful images below and stay tuned for my favorite fashion ads from the September issues this weekend. Get into it! Happy Fall! 

2.-CH_printad_casestudy_2_full-screen-copy1 3.-CH_printad_casestudy_3_full-screen1 4.-CH_printad_casestudy_4_full-screen

Aren’t these great? Take a peak how Cole Haan took over a subway station in NYC below. 

5.-Two1 6.-Three1 7.-Six1



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Even though we’re stuck in the middle of the winter doldrums, it’s time to think about Spring and Summer (in the fashion world that is). Recently I stumbled across two new ad campaigns that bring welcome color and life to the otherwise dull winter world we’re used to seeing now. The first is Celine’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, photographed by Juergen Teller featuring Canadian model Daria Werbowy. I love the color and movement of these ads, so playful and fun. These are much more expressive and less “minimal” than Celine’s previous campaigns. Next up are the Spring/Summer 2014 Prada ads. So much color and pattern, I’m a bit obsessed. My new-found Prada obsession might also be related to my latest shoe purchase (see here). Couldn’t help myself. So get into these new Spring/Summer looks while we await the March fashion mags and warmer Spring weather. Get into it.

Daria-Werbowy-in-Celine-Spring-2014-Ad-Campaign-600x450 Celine-Spring-2014-Ad-Campaign-with-Mini-Luggage-Bag-600x765
Amazing right? Now get into Prada (below).


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4 by Leo Reynolds. See more on Flickr here

This fall, my humble little design blog turned 4! This August also marks my 4-year anniversary of moving to New York City. How time flies. I started this blog while attending Pratt Institute and earning my Design MFA. In a Motion Design studio we were to document process and inspiration for the semester and speak about design. Now, almost 200 posts and 61,000 views later my blog is still chugging along. Today there’s a tighter focus design, be it Scandinavian design, textiles, prints and patterns, photography, advertising, fashion or my rants about life. While this blog is no “Design Sponge,” or the myriad of other blogs out there, it servers as an opportunity for me to share what I’m into, curate content and write about design. This has been particularly useful for getting jobs and getting my name out there, something I never expected. So I just wanted to say thanks for browsing and following me these 4 years. So here’s to the next 4! 





See more photos by Leo on his Flickr page. Get into it! 


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It’s that time of year again, the 2013 September issues have arrived! And so have the new fall advertising campaigns. Last Friday I picked up each issue pictured above: the September Elle (600+ pages), Vogue (902 pages!), Harper’s Bazaar, W and New York Magazine. Note to readers: buying and carrying 20+ pounds of fashion magazines home is not easy! After flipping through each, I noticed a few trends in regards to advertising. So many of this seasons campaigns are shot on dark/black backgrounds. Many take place at night. It’s funny how they all do this at once – something must be in the air. I’ve narrowed down to my favorites, and LEAST favorite. Which are you feeling (or not feeling??) … my picks below.

My #1 favorite: Valentino’s Fall 2013 ad campaign. Love the still-life/portrait painting concept. Love love love everything.


valentino_fall_2013_ads_1 valentino_fall_2013_ads_2 valentino_fall_2013_ads_3 valentino_fall_2013_ads_4


Coming in a close 2nd is the Fall 2013 Balenciaga campaign shot by Steven Klein and art directed by Alexander Wang. I love how bold and graphic these are. The images are quite arresting, in a good way!

balenciaga-fall-ad-steven-klein-800x517 balenciaga-fall-winter-2013-14-ad balenciaga-fall-winter Balenciaga-Le-Dix-bag

oscar de la renta_fall 2013 ads5_teaser

My last favorite is Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2013 campaign. The photography and styling is beautiful. What is innovative about this campaign is that the de la Renta folks premiered it on Instagram, not in the Sept. issues. The full campaign can be seen in print, but we got a first look (above) on Oscar’s Instagram account.


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Kenzo Spring:Summer 2013 Campaign - Single

While looking through the March fashion magazines, Kenzo’s Spring 2013 ads caught my eye with their bold colors, prints and layout. Compared to other advertising in the March issues, these really stand out. Also I can’t get enough of the bold patterns! Now I can’t truly see myself wearing something like this, but I’m very into the pattern mixing that’s trending right now. I love how playful and graphic these combiations are. From a textile/pattern design standpoint, fashion is a great place to be inspired. And Kenzo’s Spring 2013 collection is a great place to look for new ideas.

Kenzo Spring:Summer 2013 Campaign1 Kenzo Spring:Summer 2013 Campaign2

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2013 Ads – great right?

kenzo-spring-2013 runway 1

kenzo-spring-2013 runway 2

kenzo-spring-2013 runway 3

kenzo-spring-2013 runway 4



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Today while browsing Behance portfolios, I found a cool campaign from P&G’s Dreft + fashion illustrator Anna Halarewicz. I love the tagline paired with fashion illustration and use of watercolor. What a simple-yet-effective idea right? While looking for other examples of her work, it’s clear to see watercolor is Anna’s medium of choice and she pairs it masterfully with her illustrative style. There’s just something about fashion illustration that always catches my eye!

I found a few more examples of Anna Halarewicz’s illustration which I’ll share below.

And finally, the artist herself!

I haven’t been able to find an official website for her, but if you look on pinterest or tumblr, lot’s of her stuff pops up.



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