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After more than a century, “the Greatest Show on Earth” is coming to and end. Recently it was announced that in May, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will end after 146 years in business. The news comes after years of declining sales, animal rights protests and rising production costs. In modern times, this 100+ year old traveling act had to compete against the movies, Netflix, Hulu and every other form of entertainment. While I haven’t been to an actual circus in years, I’ve always thought there was something magical and romantic about it.

So to celebrate the final days of the circus, I wanted to share some pictures from this magical world.


Equal parts mysterious and creepy, I’ve always thought the circus, and particularly vintage circus photos from the 1800-1950s, are so interesting!



Life Visits the Circus


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Last weekend I went to the NYC’s famous MERMAID PARADE at Coney Island. I’d seen pictures online, and it was fun to experience this event in person. We all camped out on the Coney Island Boardwalk, and we watched the parade stroll by for about an hour or two. After, Jessica and I went to Nathan’s Hotdogs, at their giant location near Luna Park. We literally waited over an hour in line for corn dogs and cheese fries. I will say, my bacon cheese fries were the most AMAZING fries in history. Like everything in NYC, it was way over the top. It was great to experience, but only something I can do once a year. Here are a few photos I stole from my friend Jessica’s facebook.


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