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This weekend fab.com had something A-MAZING on sale, Arts & Architecture 1945-54 by David F. Travers. Arts & Architecture was a design publication active from 1929 to 1967 focusing on American design, architecture, and landscaping published and edited by John Entenza from 1940-1962 and David Travers from 1962-1967. It was the leader in bringing attention to American architecture and in particular California Modernism. The magazine was also known for their Case Study Houses and their design to build programs. I first came across the publication in the Pratt Library in Brooklyn. You know how libraries have all those archive copies of old magazines rebound in plain hard covers? I saw a few that said Arts & Architecture and decided to flip thought them. It was an amazing discovery. Not only does that magazine feature covers designed by artists such as Herbert Matter, John Follis, Ken Chapman and Michael Weinberger, but that archive copies have the most amazing period advertisements from each era. I took so many pictures of the ads and spreads so I could take the copies “home” with me.

In 2008, Taschen┬áreprinted and repackaged the iconic publication during a 10-year period, 1945-1954. You can own newly printed copies in beautiful packaging of every issue during that 10 year period, for $700. Now Fab had the set on sale for $450, but that was still too big a price to swallow for a newly-employed designer. I want this set sooooooo bad, but I wasn’t sure if the reprint features the ads, which for once I actually want. The ads, aside from the covers, are my favorite part! In this post I’ll feature images from the publication, and I’ll begin to share ads from the iconic magazine in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Vintage ad/illustration from the magazine. How great right?

I wanted dependability. Amen.

The entire boxed set, each year is divided into it’s own box with each issue inside.

The issues – how amazing are these covers?

So in love with these, wanted to buy them so I could scan and turn the covers into art.

Really love the golden yellow one (above).

Example of a Case Study House story.

Now these covers are from issues in the 1960s, but you see the aesthetic carried over from the 40s and 50s.


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