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It’s been a crazy week since I last posted. I recently moved from one¬†Brooklyn apartment to another and have been preoccupied with settling in, unpacking and adjusting to a new neighborhood. And since I’m been examining and planning for my new space, I’ve had interior design and architecture on the brain a lot this week. A few days ago I found this awesome blog, Architectura. This blog is curated by 4 design students/graduates Paula Gonzalez (Ireland), Samuel Zeller (Switzerland), Tiago Leal (Portugal) and Timothy Hyde (Austria). I’m not really sure how these four got together and started their blog, but I love the variety of images they collect showcasing industrial design, interior design, and modern + historic architecture. While I’m planning to start a schedule of more frequent posts next week, sit back and enjoy a few of my favorites from Architectura, and check out their archive of images here.

One of my favorite buildings in NYC, near the High Line Park.

Love this interior.

Cool stairway design (above and below).

Another great interior.

Lastly, someone buy this place for me. Pretty sweet beach house no?

Their June 2012 archives. Pretty awesome!


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