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A few months ago while killing time before a movie, I stopped by NYC’s famous Strand Bookstore near Union Square. On the second floor they have a section housing old art auction catalogs from Phillips, Christie’s, Sotheby’s etc. If you’re willing to do some digging, you can find full-page prints of great art to take home and frame (or if you’re sneaky like me, scan, print and frame at a larger size). One of my favorite finds that day was a series of prints by Andy Warhol featuring Mick Jagger. I’d seen one of two of these before, but not the whole series together. I love how abstract and playful they are. They also look a bit drag queen-ish to me, which I also enjoy. Upon doing a bit more reading, Warhol & Jagger worked together a lot, most-famously for the Rolling Stones cover Andy designed. According to Revolver Gallery, “In 1969 the Rolling Stones worked on their ninth studio album Sticky Fingers. The band approached Andy Warhol and asked him to design its sleeve. Warhol agreed and received a letter from Mick Jagger that included a polite warning not to make the cover too complex to avoid problems during production. Warhol ignored Jagger’s warning and went on to produce an unforgettable cover that featured a close-up shot of actor and “Warhol superstar” Joe Dallesandros.” Love that story! So while everyone has seen Warhols Campbell’s Soup prints, or the iconic Marilyn Monroe portraits, here’s a deeper look into his oeuvre of work. Get into it!






Great right? Here’s some photos of the two together and some Polaroid’s by Warhol. Lastly is a letter from Jagger to Warhol about their iconic album over.





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Jazz LP covers from the 1940s to 1990s TASCHEN

I’ve seen this “Jazz Covers” book for a while now and after stumbling across a ton of beautiful typographic + illustrated album covers on pinterest, I couldn’t wait to share a few of my favorites. Most of these classic covers were designed by Reid Myles for Blue Note Records. It’s cool how the design of these covers mimic the expressive nature of the music on the albums. Design inspiring art indeed. I can’t wait to get my hands on this series of books from Taschen. Here are a few of my favorites below. Get into it.

Kenny Dorham Blue Note 4127 (1963)
Kenny Dorham, Blue Note 4127 (1963) (above).

Andy Warhols Early Jazz Cover
Andy Warhol early Jazz cover (above).

BLUE NOTE 7018 - Boogie Woogie Classics - Meade Lux Lewis 1944
BLUE NOTE 7018 – Boogie Woogie Classics – Meade Lux Lewis 1944 (above).

Bongoes Reeds Brass Vol. 2 (1961)
Bongoes/Reeds/Brass Vol. 2 (1961) (above).

Dexter Gordon's Our Man in Paris by Francis Wolff & Reid Miles 1963
Dexter Gordon’s “Our Man in Paris” by Francis Wolff (photo) & Reid Miles (design), 1963 (above).

Duke Ellington Historically Speaking LP 1956
Duke Ellington: Historically Speaking Label: Bethlehem BCP 60 12” LP 1956 Design (above).


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W_December 2013_Art Issue_George_Clooney_Cover

I’m literally obsessed, OBSESSED with the W Magazine‘s new December 2013 cover for “The Art Issue.” I can’t get enough of it. What a playful use of color and pattern, and doesn’t George Clooney look great? So unexpected. Clooney is wearing a Giorgio Armani suit, shirt, and shoes, customized by Yayoi Kusama. According to W’s site, In the late ’60s, Kusama’s celebrity rivaled that of Andy Warhol. A central figure on the New York avant-garde scene, Kusama was famous for her delicately patterned abstract canvases, soft furniture with phalluses, and happenings in which she painted naked participants with her now signature polka dots. She also had her own clothing shop, where she sold her racy designs. But when the emotional issues that had plagued her since childhood proved overwhelming, she quit New York and entered a Tokyo psychiatric hospital, where she has resided ever since. You may also recognize Kusama’s work from the Louis Vuitton collaborations a year or two ago. The December 2013 issue of W magazine is on newsstands now.

W_December 2013_Art Issue_George_Clooney_2

W_December 2013_Art Issue_George_Clooney_3

W_December 2013_Art Issue_George_Clooney_1

Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton (above & below).



louis_vuitton_yayoi_kusama_monogram-town-speedy1 (more…)

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